A Civil Group, LLC is a professional civil design and surveying firm that prides itself on outstanding customer service and the ability to provide cost-effective and real world results in a time efficient manner.


Our scope of projects range from small commercial site plans and individual residential surveys, to large-scale subdivisions, national franchise site plans, and multi-building high-density apartment developments.


Our company is able to provide:

Our office employs a wide range of technical personnel specifically keyed toward civil site design.


We have completed a majority of our work in the Columbia area, but have also successfully completed a vast number of projects throughout the Mid- Missouri region.


It is not uncommon for A Civil Group to take on a project that sits within close proximity to one of our previously completed projects. The close spatial relationship that often occurs between project sites allows A Civil Group to utilize past design, research, and surveying information to accelerate a project while minimizing cost to the client.


We look forward to working with you!